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Getting to work or school. Seeking employment. Coming home in the evenings. Visiting friends and loved ones over the weekend, or just for leisure. 80% of South Africans are dependant on public transport for mobility, not to mention our ever-growing tourism industry that relies on fleet and bus tour operators.

In our ongoing commitment to meet the exact needs of people, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles are proud to launch the new Volksbus chassis range.


The size of each Volksbus is matched by a reassuring level of strength, stamina and surprising innovations.

Volksbus 9.150

Powered by 150 HP and 500 Nm of torque, the 9.150 chassis has a total GVM of 9 tonnes, with the front axle capable of supporting 3 000 kg. The front and rear suspension is reinforced with parabolic springs and stabilising bars ensuring that the 9.150 is capable of adapting to the less than perfect road conditions found in many parts of South Africa.

Routine checks such as oil level, air filter, radiator and fuel are grouped together in the front part of the chassis, allowing easy access and lowering the cost of maintenance.

An Eaton FSO-4305-C gearbox allows for greater fuel economy, which combined with an optimally designed pedal system that requires less user effort, provides the driver with more comfort.

A 150 litre high-density Polyethylene fuel tank gets the 9.150 where it needs to be without having to constantly stop and refuel, whilst a fuel-filtering system with a higher capacity to retain water and impurities ensures that emission levels are well within the limits of EURO II standards.

Volksbus 17.210

A 6.5 litre, 210 HP engine producing 657 Nm of torque drives the 17.210. Both the clutch and accelerator pedal are located on the same level to simplify the operation and require minimal effort. The suspension system is mechanical, providing the vehicle with a solid support base on any road.

The 17.210 chassis also comes equipped with a new electric-distribution system (NEDS) featuring connectors and terminals that ensure insulation against liquids and dust, thus protecting electric contacts and making maintenance easier.

A 275 litre high-density Polyethylene fuel tank provides high resistance to impact and is non-corrosive. This gives the 17.210 the range without the need for frequent fuelling stops, ensuring an uninterrupted and worry-free workday.

Volksbus 18.310

A lower chassis makes for a much smoother ride – thanks to the rear pneumatic suspension system. A 6-speed Eaton FSB-840-A gearbox is standard, with the option of a ZF Ecomat 5HP 590 automatic transmission, whilst the front and rear axles are both supplied by Arvin Meritor.

Add to this list a powerful, rear-mounted 8.3 litre, 310 HP, straight-six EURO II Cummings 6CTAA engine, and you have the ideal, hard-working, modern day urban commuter.


Whichever Volksbus you find yourself in, sit back and enjoy a reliable and rewarding ride.

Volksbus 9.150

Sleek, sturdy and dependable, the Volksbus chassis for the midibus boasts a range of innovations that allow for a high level of agility and manoeuvrability when it comes to making its way through heavy traffic in the urban sprawl.

The front overhang makes passenger entrance and exit much easier, allowing access from in front of the front axle, thereby increasing productivity. Available with wheel base lengths of 3 900 mm and 4 300 mm, the Volksbus 9.150 is able to carry from 16 to 35 seated passengers - in urban, charter, school or touring versions. Making it the ideal versatile and highly durable midibus.

Volksbus 17.210

C-profile longitudinal bars of LNE-38 steel, 9.5 mm wide with a sectional module of 218.6 cm³, give the 17.210 chassis increased torsional rigidity. With every component carefully studied by means of a state-of-the-art CATIA graphic computer system, it's designed to withstand the toughest of urban or rural traffic conditions.

Volksbus 18.310

A powerful, rear-mounted 8.3 litre, 310 HP, straight-six EURO II Cummings 6CTAA engine allows for the use of wider passenger doors on the 18.310. This helps to streamline the operation of boarding and exiting, resulting in shorter bus stops and increased productivity.

Whether its inner city or inter-city, the 18.310 Volksbus is developed to meet not only the strictest of transport regulations, but also new standards in passenger comfort and safety as well. The 18.310 features appropriate, custom-made technological innovations that make it ideal for coach, urban or intercity commuter application.